MOE Art Elective Program Scholar, UOB Painting of the Year Platinum Award and Singapore Youth Festival Gold with Honours Award winner, Wei Ting clinched an internship at Boku Film as a storyboard artist, script supervisor and assistant editor, for Singapore’s first Hollywood film, “The Faith of Anna Waters”. Strived to hone her skills in the post production, she later joined Singapore’s largest independent advertising production company, Freeflow Production as a Post Producer, and discovered that she has a knack for it. Her work experiences have given her first-hand insights into the media industry.


Her tenacity and proficiency have her to be quick to point out multiple complexities within a script, intricate analytical thought process behind each artistic intention, consider varied perspectives, and question pre-existing assumptions.


Under the guidance of Kelvin Tong, she learnt the art of directing, as well as the employment of different shots, lighting and sound design to engender an insight to a character’s psyche and evoke an emotive response from the audience. 

During her time at Freeflow Productions, She managed and oversaw the project, acted as the point of contact to ensure all clients' expectations are met. She held the role of a middle-person amongst the clients, editors and supervising sound editors to uphold the clarity of the projects, and ensure all communications are well conveyed.


Besides the ground work of the above mentioned, her responsibilities stretched beyond that. As a young producer, staying hungry and cultivating diversity of thought are key habits of mind she strived to embody. She took the initiative in conceptualising and pitching ideas, producing and directing the projects, as well as leading a creative team in all forms of execution to ensure smooth operations.

Through her work at Freeflow Productions, she acquired the ability to understand and interpret requirements from each commercial concept, manage and keep track of the projects' budget, communicate with different clients and manage their preferences, needs and wants, ultimately providing a specialised service that improve the partnership experience.

As a person who seek to constantly improve and challenge herself, she also dabbled into animation directing, led and initiated an animation cloud creation platform where she tapped into and leveraged on a global knowledge base. She handpicked and collaborated with a group of worldwide artists and spearheaded the team as an art director. With access to world-class talents at hand, she was able to extend Freeflow works' directions to a wider and dynamic range of enthralling animations.

In 2018, she decided that it was perfect opportunity to take the next step of her career and embarked on the freelance journey. Wei Ting is now independent creative producer and filmmaker with a mission to take complex concepts and translate them into compelling animations and films that are accessible, effective and above all, of the highest artistic and entertainment value, in a league with the very best of creative studio internationally. 

She does not just want to make a strong impact on audiences. She aims to continue to present new ways of thinking, ultimately, pioneering interesting, fresh perspectives of the world we live in. 

CV is readily available upon request