Duration: 60 seconds

Year: November 2016

Role: Executive Producer, Director and Editor


There have been two broad trends in the way brands reach out to millennials. One is Creativity driven. The other has to do with Empowerment. As an everyday brand, Quotidian is dedicated to bringing the finest quality designer products to the hands of everyday people. “To make a difference, we have to think different” is the mantra of Quotidian. Introducing Quotidian’s maiden product – The Quotidian Pen. This minimalist ballpoint pen features the world’s first magnetic propulsion mechanism, which might forever change the way we see, use and express our deepest thoughts with a pen.

The conception of Quotidian was based on research, which revealed the correlation between fidgeting and creative stimulation. Taking this idea and

running with it, I chose a long-form video featuring millennials from all walks of life. Its tone is lighthearted and inspirational. Quotidian’s kickstart campaign

showed that, not only is it very popular with audiences, it is also measurably effective, hitting the 100% target fund in just 20 minutes after launch.


The video opens the scene with a young pregnant lady in a newly furnished baby room, holding to an ultrasound scan photo, deep in thought. The commercial

continues to introduce the other millennial representatives – a cellist, tattoo artist, lawyer, surgeon and a craftsman all flicking the tip of a slim metallic-looking rod.


As music builds up, the characters’ train of thought is demonstrated through the different ways of fidgeting with the pen – flicking and spinning – basically interacting with the pen unconsciously.


To encapsulate the entire experience of the Quotidian Pen is quite fascinating.

The characters are shown breaking the cap to reveal the surprising absence of the pen nib, and only by bringing the cap to the back of the body does the pen nib