I aim to engender a sense of loss and painfulness in my audience. I decided to use video, which has the ability to manipulate real time with reel time. I choose bed as my subject matter as bed has an intimate connotation. All the images are constructed with only one image. I relied deeply on my intuitive in constructing the creases, which suggested the movement of the person who slept on the bed.


A 6-minute time lapse video show casing 6 different images. The cross-fading transition is purposefully prolonged to create a subtle changeover. We are first introduced to a messy bed. The end of the video presents us a neat and tidy bed with almost no crease displayed.


It is a time-consuming film for the audience. When audience decided that nothing dramatic is happening, they look away, walk away or simply zone out. It reflects how humans take things for granted; thinking that everything will continue to be the same or following a certain routine. Human take things for granted to the extent that we do not realize or, choose to ignore the subtle changes around us. For example, how our parents age as we grow up. It mirrors and strikes the foolishness in human.